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2018: APLOBMA 2017: International Symposium: Architectural Patrimony and Local building materials

APLOBMA2017 is a scientific event that brings together national and international researchers interested in the architectural patrimony, its materials, construction techniques, degradation, conservation and dating. The aim is to develop networks of specialists in local building materials and traditional architecture, and to propose solutions to problems related to the restoration, conservation and valorization of earthen buildings.

Symposium topics

  • Characterization of local building materials
  • Architectural patrimony in local materials and restoration
  • Architecture based on local materials and energy efficiency
  • Architectural patrimony in local materials and major risks
  • Architectural patrimony in local materials and sustainable development

Editors and International Advisory Board:

Azrour Mohamed, University Moulay Ismail, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques, Errachidia, Morocco

Batan Abdelkrim,  University Moulay Ismail, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques, Errachidia, Morocco

Fratini Fabio, CNR-Istituto per la Conservazione e Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

Elharouni  Khalid, National School of Architecture, Rabat, Morocco 

Haddad Mustapha, University Moulay Ismail, Faculty of sciences, Meknes, Morocco 

Hamiane Messaoud, University of Boumerdes, Materials, Processes and Environment Research Unit (URMPE), Algeria 

Ibnoussina Mounsif, University Cadi Ayyad, Faculty of Sciences, Marrakech, Morocco

Kharmich  Hassan , National School of Architecture, Rabat, Morocco 

Manoun Bouchaib, University Hassan I, Polydisciplinary Faculty, Khouribga, Morocco 

Moriset Sébastien, CRATerre Laboratory Schhool Architecture, Grenoble, France

Varum Humberto , University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, Porto, Portugal

Published: 2018-07-11


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